Whispering Energy - Heart Centered Networking

Networking from the Heart in order to Uplift ourselves,
Uplift each other and Ultimately Uplift the World!









Join WE for this Revolutionary NEW Concept of ‘Utilizing the Power of Social Media’ to Be the Change you wish to see in the World. Whispering Energy has developed this Miraculous four part plan that culminates in the POWER of Collaboration. WE have known that in order to succeed in business and life that many different aspects of business building are necessary to create the success you desire.

Heart Centered Networking

You know that what you offer adds value to people’s lives. You know that to be of greater service in the world that people have to know about you and be able to find you. Yet does the thought of marketing and promoting yourself makes you want to run the other way?

When you hear terms like ‘Profit Pyramid’ or ‘Limited Time Only’ do you want to scream? If you answered yes, keep reading. Heart Centered Networking is about completely transforming the way in which we have been taught to market or promote ourselves. It is NOT about cash flow being the most important job in your life! It is not about pushing your products or services down people’s throats. It is about living your soul’s purpose. Doing that which makes your heart sing and making a difference in the world! It is about connecting with other human beings and realizing that when we come together in a spirit of cooperation and support one another, that everyone thrives.

It is about reaching out and connecting with others from the heart to the heart. It’s about realizing that there is nothing to fear. W.E. are about uplifting others because it feels good. W.E. are about changing the way that we connect, the way we communicate and the way we support one another.



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